Top 10 Youngest parents in the world

Top 10 Youngest Parents in the World

With some barely out of childhood, the stories featured in this video prove that age is no barrier to becoming parents.

Lina Medina from Peru

Suspecting the growth on their young daughter’s abdomen to be a tumor, Lina Medina’s parents took her to a doctor who discovered that she was 7 months pregnant. Her father was arrested on suspicion of assault but was later released. And on May 14, 1939, barely 5 months shy of her 6th birthday; Lina Medina gave birth to a baby boy. The father remained unknown.

Emma Webster and Sean Stewart

Emma Webster was 15 when she and Sean Stewart became parents on January 20, 1998, a month after Sean’s 12th birthday. Sean has had a few run-ins with the law and has served time in jail while Emma is now married to another man.

Jason and Tressa Middleton

Raped by her older brother Jason, who was 16, Tressa Middleton became a mom in 2006 at age 12. The baby was given up for adoption while Jason was convicted and jailed in 2009.

Tia Davies & Jordan Williams

Tia Davies was born when her parents, Shem Davies and Kelly John, were only 15. Apparently following in their footsteps, she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl in August 2011, a week before her 15th birthday. Her boyfriend, Jordan Williams, was 15.

Alleshia Gregson

Alleshia Gregson, had her first son in October 2009 when she was just 13. Ten months later, she became pregnant again and gave birth to another boy in May 2011. As a result, 15-year-old Alleshia became Britain’s youngest mother of two kids who weren’t twins. Interestingly both children were fathered by the same boy who was 14 years old when the first son was born.

Valentina Isaeva and Habibula Petahonov

Valentina Isaeva became the youngest mother in Russia after she became pregnant at the age of 11. The father of her daughter, Habibula Petahonov, is from Tajikistan and visits his girlfriend regularly.

Kordeza Zhelyazkhova  & Jeliazko Dmitrov

Kordeza Zhelyazkhova from Bulgaria was only 11 years old when she gave birth to her daughter in 2009.  The father of the child, Jeliazko was 19 at the time. They are both now married.

MP From Bolivia

The girl known as MP became a mum under a bizarre circumstance – she was raped by 3 of her brothers who were aged 15, 17 and 19. She gave birth to a baby girl on January 4, 2010 at age 10. The youngest of her brothers was identified as the baby’s biological father.

April Webster & Nathan Fishbourne

Two 14 year olds, April Webster & Nathan Fishbourne, from Caerphilly, South Wales gave birth to a baby boy on November 15, 2010 to become the youngest parents in Britain at the time.

The North London Couple

April Webster & Nathan Fishbourne’s record as Britain’s youngest parents was surpassed by a 12 year old girl and her 13-year-old boyfriend who became parents of a baby girl in April 2014.

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