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Top 10 Pokemon Go Controversies

Pokémon Go was released on July 6, 2016 by the developer Niantic. The mobile game has since grown to become the hottest game out on the market right now, people leaving their homes to travel around and collect Pokémon. Of course, there have been many controversies that have sprouted from the game. With that said, here are our Top 10 Pokémon Go Controversies.

Specific Locations

With the creation of Pokémon Go, there have been many established locations to catch Pokémon. Many criticized the game though for a lot of locations being placed in areas that weren’t appropriate, such as cemeteries and memorials. Talk about searching for a Haunter in your local cemetery.

Holocaust Museum 

Speaking of inappropriate locations, Pokémon Go has gained the attention of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, but not in a good way. The museum has requested players to stop playing Pokémon Go while inside the museum. The irony about the museum and the game, the Pokémon that lurks inside the Holocaust museum is none other than Koffing, a GAS Pokémon.

Westboro Baptists 

Keep in mind, Pokémon Go is supposed to be entertainment, a fun filled game for many. Recently, it seems that the church revolved around hate speech, Westboro Baptist Church has jumped on the Pokémon Go train. User Pinkrose claimed that the church was a location for a character called LoveIsLove. The church then created a Jigglypuff in response to the user’s claim.

Privacy Concerns 

According to many sources, such as Popular Science, Pokémon Go has requested complete access to many users’ Google accounts. This has sparked controversy due to the fact that this takes away the user’s privacy. Niantic though claims that this is due to a bug in the game’s system, which they would fix. Lets hope they do.


With Pokémon Go, there are now warnings being implemented for the game. People are being warned about children who play Pokémon Go and how they can be lured into secluded areas by pedophiles. Yikes! Pokémon Go is having a rough time.

Minor Injuries

Since Pokémon Go has becoming addicting to many, there have been some minor injuries that have occurred during users’ Pokémon hunts. Some have take pictures of their injuries and posted it online via Twitter or Instagram. Usually these minor injuries include bruises and scrapes.


Due to Pokémon Go’s ability to create locations for people to travel to, some have abused this tool and have made these locations in order to rob people. An example of this occurred in St. Louis; a couple of teens had made a dozen robberies in the area from using Pokémon Go.

Corpse Case 

Remember back when I discussed inappropriate locations? This is similar to that, except it’s not the location that’s a problem, it’s rather what was found. A user was out hunting Pokémon in Wyoming, USA when she found a dead body in a river. I thought Pokémon Go was for entertainment, not for Forensic Archaeologists.

Serious Injuries

Following the statement about minor injuries, there have been many major injuries that are with out a doubt some of the worst to occur. Recently, two men who were playing Pokémon Go fell off an Oceanside cliff in San Diego. Fortunately, they survived. Although many incidents have occurred that were as fatal as this could’ve been.


A teenager in North Caroline was hunting Pokémon with his friend when they found a rare Pokémon inside an old woman’s house. Instead of letting it go, one of the teens decided to try and climb into the house through the window. The old woman saw the teen and panicked, shooting and killing the teen.

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