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Magic Tricks That Went Horribly Wrong

Magic and mistake have been for long living in close proximity. You can either have a good magical trick done and amass appreciation or commit mistakes and disappoint the enthusiastic audiences. So here are the top magic tricks that have across the world, gone horribly wrong,


a name that needs no introduction, reached the state of utter confusion and awkwardness when a cell, which was supposed to ring from inside the bottle, could not because of the lack of signal, inside the room. Well, of course, in day-to-day circumstances, if there isn’t no signals in the room, one doesn’t expect their mobiles to ring; but heck with the magic that could not bring a mobile phone to ring. After all, magic needs no optics or does it?

Charles Rowan

In 1930, Charles Rowan, a man known for his magical escapes and flights, had to do away with his life when a car with a speed of 45 miles per hour ran over him. Charles was supposed to leave his straitjacket, which he could not, on time. Before the trick he had signed an exoneration letter for the driver so in case something happens to him, the driver is left in peace.


While paying tribute to Houdini, a magician of 1930 famous for his milk can escape, drowned along with the container he was supposed to come out of. It is a simple trick where a container full of water is locked from the outside, but is kept loose from its neck part. All Genesta had to do was to remove the neck part of the container and come out of it. But as bad fate had it, the prop drowned along with the container and got stuck in the neck region of the container, making it stiff and hard to displace.

A Chinese performer

Coming straight from the land of dragons and performing discreet tricks, definitely holds exotic charms for the viewers of the west. William Ellsworth, a charlatan, adopted his native tongue the moment his trick failed him. He was famous for tricks where people aimed guns and rifles, with fixed barrels, at him. However, the last trick performed at him went horribly wrong when the barrels as well as the ammunition ended up being real. Before he collapsed, he chose English to Chinese as he said, “I am shot!”

George Lalonde

George Lalonde had to pay heavy price for being a magician. While performing a trick where he was giving the illusion of dividing a woman into two halves, he was himself attacked by Henry Howard, a commoner sitting in the audience, who thought the magician’s trick to be both, insensitive and cruel. Howard attacked George with the sword that the latter was about to use on the woman.


a well-known magician of 90s, was much fascinated with the six performers who dressed as moths outdid fire and flames. He decided to perform the same in one of his events. While practicing for the event, when the illusionist could not find gas supply for lighting flames, he instead used acetylene for the same. It was just a matter of seconds for as soon as fire was put to acetylene; it exploded and blew Balbegra along with one of his assistants to pieces.

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