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5 Most HATED Youtubers

YouTube was founded on February 14th, 2005 and continues to be the top video streaming platform in the world. We’ve witness many YouTubers emerge from this platform, although some end up not being a crowd pleaser. Here are our Top 5 Most Hated YouTubers. Warning, contains disturbing content.


This YouTuber known as Evalion was known for her videos which discussed controversial topics. She would praise things revolving around the hatred of Jews, gays, and plenty more. As her channel grew more popular as time progressed, it got the attention of YouTube. What many don’t know about Evalion is that her channel was a trolling channel. Think of Filthy Frank and what he represents. It’s satire that shows all terrible things. Her trolling reached such a high point that YouTube had no idea if she was being serious. As a result, YouTube banned her channel just in case.

The Fine Bros

Benny and Rafi Fine are the minds behind the successful YouTube channel The Fine Bros. The thing that caused the channel to place its name on this list occurred in the beginning of 2016. On January 26, The Fine Bros announced their plan of trying to trademark their React series. Benny and Rafi had not only wanted to trademark their React series, they wanted to trademark the term “react.” This caused a major backlash in the YouTube community and fellow content creators were upset at The Fine Bros. Pretty much their actions, if the plan went through, would’ve prohibited other creators from creating reaction videos that weren’t affiliated with The Fine Bros channel.

The uproar over the Fine Bros caused a loss of over 600,000 subscribers from their channels.

Fortunately, the brothers cancelled it and removed any videos pertaining the announcement of the trademark plan. Still, this tainted their image and to this day, a negative view of the Fine Bros still lingers.

Prank Invasion 

Throughout the years, many YouTube pranking channels have emerged and left the site. Eventually, one channel comes along as a “bad batch.” The channel that brought you the “Kissing Prank” videos has received a large backlash over the years. In these kissing prank videos, it has been discovered that the women are actually actresses. This sends a message to the youth that falsely shows how the world works. Prank Invasion has left such a negative impact on the community that there’s a petition on change.org to ban Prank Invasion from YouTube.

YouTube decided to put age restrictions on the kissing pranks Chris Monroe released, which causes him to not make any money off of these videos.


Daniel Keem, better known for his YouTube web series DramaAlert, is known throughout YouTube for his feuds on the platform. Before DramaAlert, Keemstar was posting streams on YouTube, which involved a lot of racism and trash talking. This led to his account being terminated. Unlike the other banned YouTubers, Keemstar wasn’t backing down. He made more channels to post his content on, which were banned as well. The only reason DramaAlert is still running on YouTube is due to Keemstar finding a loophole on YouTube. He claims that he doesn’t own the channel, he only hosts it.

Boots Made For Crushing 

The channel featured many videos pertaining to the creator wearing high-heeled boots, which he would stomp on various objects. According to research on the channel, the creator had another channel called “Boots666,” which showed no uploads. Upon research, there’s a tumblr blog that links unlisted videos from the channel. These unlisted videos contained the creator stomping on helpless animals with his boots. The channel Boots666 and Boots Made For Crushing were exposed as being created by the same creator when someone recognized the same boots from both channels. He was reported and both channels were banned permanently

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