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Top 10 weirdest inventions.

Thanks to the advancement in science in technology today we have common gadgets that we use everyday in order to make our lives easier. However not every invention can be considered revolutionary or groundbreaking.

Flask Tie

If you’re feeling stressed from all the office work and you’re in need for a quick drink to cool you down then the Flask Tie is your perfect solution. Serving as a stylish, inflatable accessorie for your suit with a straw attached at the end, this tie is sure to tune down your thirst in a matter of seconds.

The Ab Hancer

Designed as a cookie cutter for your stomach that presses your skin in order to make rectangle forms, the Ab Hancer is sure to give you the 6-pack you’ve been dreaming of all your life in just a matter of a few short seconds.

Corner Frames

These fancy memory holders are crafted as any other normal picture frames only with a 90 degree angle twist in order to fit your wall corner so you can have both 2 pictures in 1 frame and not worry about all the extra wall space.

LED Slippers

The LED slippers are here to make sure you don’t hit your head to the wall when walking through your house at night for a quick midnight snack. These slippers act like any other normal comfy slippers only with LED lights attached to them so that light will emit from your feet and you don’t get lost in the darkness of your room.

Piano Doorbell

Ever imagined playing custom melodies from the doorbell as if you were Mozart? Well now you can. The piano doorbell is produced as a regular doorbell only with custom piano keys that emit different sounds to give you an original, new, clean and fresh sound.

Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid

This contraption is designed as a baby carriage fused with a scooter in order to give your child the excitement of a fast motor ride all while relaxing your feet on the metal board.

Ping-Pong Door

The ping pong door is exactly what you think it is: a door and a ping pong table at the same time. When closed it acts like any other normal green door, but when opened it acts like a ping pong table in which you and your friend from the other room can enjoy a quick match.

Showa Hanako 2

The Showa Hanako 2 is a Japanese invented talking robot that is used for medical students to practice their skills on. It may look creepy at first but once getting used to it proves to be a useful device in order to train you to become the best dentist in the world all while not harming anyone in the process.

Baby Mop

The baby mop is yet another example of how the creativity of the human mind shows no limits. Simply put the baby mop is nothing more than regular baby clothes with fringes attached to them so that the youngest member of the family can do some work around the house while crawling through the rooms.

Synthetic Human Mouth

As weird as it might sound the synthetic human mouth is exactly what you think it is. A robot mouth attached to a table that is able to move it’s lips and also produce vocal sounds. The machine also has it’s own nose since the structure of the nose has a significant impact on the way humans talk.


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