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10 Unknown Facts about Donald Trump

In the year 2015, American businessman and host of the reality TV show The Apprentice, Donald Trump, shocked the public with his declaration of running for presidency of the United States. In a matter of a year, Trump has gained millions of supporters and has won the Republican nominee. Even though most of us know him through the many statements and articles written about him, you have to wonder, is there anything that we don’t know about Trump? With that said, here is our Top 10 Unknown Facts about Donald Trump.
Trump’s Vodka

Donald trump vodka
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Before Trump decided to do business in the political field, did you know that he created his own product of vodka? Trump created a Dutch-made vodka back in 2007, which ended up flopping soon after its debut. You would think when Trump began his campaign for presidency, the vodka would grow more popular right? Unfortunately for Trump, people still didn’t buy his vodka.
Naughty Trump

Donald trump teenager
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Trump has expressed himself throughout the years as a passionate and somewhat intense individual, but many don’t know this, Trump was a troublemaker when he was teenager. His parents saw his troublemaking ways and decided to send Teen Trump to New York Military Academy.
At A Loss For Hair

Donald trump
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Better known by the name “The Battle of the Billionaires,” Donald Trump faced off with WWE owner Vince McMahon through WWE. They both chose a wrestler to represent them in the ring in which whoever lost, the loser would have to go bald. Trump won the battle, keeping his iconic hair, while McMahon had his head shaved.
Being Clean

Donald trump facts
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Believe it or not, Trump has never smoked, drank or been involved with drugs. His brother, Fred Jr., warned Donald Trump about staying away from Alcohol. Fred Jr. was an alcoholic and unfortunately lost his life from it.
Trump: The Game

Donald trump game
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The Republican nominee is the only presidential candidate with his own board game. The monopoly-esque game, titled Trump: The Game was released in 1989. Unfortunately for Trump, the game was discontinued due to negative reviews and low sales.
Trump & Son

Donald trump
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Before Donald Trump became a household name, he worked for his father, Fred Trump, who owned many apartment complexes throughout New York worth millions. Eventually, after working with his father for five years, Donald was given control of the company.
Avoiding Draft

John McCain
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Donald Trump avoided the draft for the Vietnam War due to his student deferments as well as medical. Although Trump didn’t fight in the war, he did gain a lot of controversy in recent years with his comments towards the 2008 Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain. Trump claimed that McCain was a “phony hero” for being captured during the Vietnam War.
Donald the Great

Donald trump facts
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With many years of Trump being mocked and laughed at through many devices, whether it be jokes from The Simpsons or quotes he has uttered, some good things have been sprouted in regards to the businessman and presidential nominee. In 1976, New York Times columnist Judy Klemerud described Trump as “tall, lean and blond, with dazzling white teeth,” and had resembled actor Robert Redford. Trump has also been known to say some ridiculous and or negative things, but one quote stands out from others since it has a lot of positivity and inspiration to it. He once quoted, “Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move on to something that’s more productive.”
Foreclosures are Fun

Donald trump facts
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During Trump’s college years, TIME magazine evidentially wrote an article on him, claiming that the future billionaire spent some time reading federal foreclosure listings for fun. I guess some things are more interesting to others.
Size Counts

Melania Trump
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With this current election possibly making history as one of the “Craziest Elections” or “The Most Intense Elections,” we have to point out that Trump as well has made his mark on history through politics. He is the only politician in the history of politics in the U.S. whose penis was asked about by the press towards his wife, Melania Trump.

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