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10 Hottest Game Of Thrones Women

Game of Thrones is a show known for it’s graphic violence, straightforward realism and very beautiful women. Here are our Top 10 Sexiest Game of Thrones women. Warning, Spoilers.

Myranda played by Charlotte Hope

Just like her lover Ramsay Snow, Myranda is known for showing no mercy when it comes to getting what she wants. Good at archery and extremely gorgeous, she destroyed anyone who got in the way of her love and that’s what makes her so attractive.

Ros played by Esme Bianco

Don’t mistake this one for just another whore in the Seven Kingdoms. From being just a regular worker up in the north, Ros has managed to become the boss of the business and one of Littlefinger’s most trustworthy employers and spies.

Missandie played by Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel

This girl might not be that much open in terms of sexual seduction when compared to the other ones on the list, but that’s what makes her so special. Calm, shy and charming, Missandei serves as one of the advisors to the Mother of Dragons and fills every scene with pure cuteness.

Ellaria Sand played by Indira Varma

Violent, cruel and vicious, the capabilities of this Dornish Snake show no limits. From being just the lover of Prince Oberyn she is now the ruler of Dorne and one of the key supporters in Daenerys’ campaign to take over Westeros

Margaery Tyrell played by Natalie Dormer

Starting as a betrothal for the known traitor Renly Baratheon, this known schemer has slowly worked her way to the top. Using her looks, brains and cunningness, she has managed to seduce 3 kings and was one of the key players in the Great Game.

Ygritte played by Rose Leslie

The love interest of our favorite bastard Jon Snow, Ygritte has become a symbol of strength for the female side of the show’s audience. Fearless, independent and good with a bow and arrow, this member of the free folk has managed to seduce the future lord commander of the Night’s Watch, climb the 700 foot wall and spawn the most popular quote of the show so far.

Melisandre played by Carice van Houten

A red priest and a devoted worshiper of the Lord Of Light, this beauty makes sure every scene she’s in is absolutely smoking’ hot. Although her methods of solving problems through sacrifice are cruel to say the least, she makes up for that by displaying her gorgeous body in some extremely graphic and sexy nude scenes.

Cersei Lannister played by Lena Headey

The biggest and most experienced schemer in the game, Cersei lannister has proven that no man is a match for her intellect, cruelness and manipulation skills, by destroying all those who got in the way of her family and desire and slowly climbing her way to the top of the Great Game by finally sitting on the iron throne.

Sansa Stark played by Sophie Turner

She may have started as a spoiled child, but she is all grown up now and thirsty for vengeance. One of the few survivors of the Stark Family, Sansa has proven that she is determent to avenge her family dynasty by taking back her home castle and murdering the man who raped her.

Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke

Was there ever any doubt? Like Ygritte, her sexiness doesn’t come from her external appearance, although we can’t say that, that also doesn’t bring any contribution, but from her warm heart and just soul, showing mercy to those who are in need of it, but also punishment to those who deserve it, painting a picture of a strong, independent and reasonable female leader.

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