Top 10 Scariest Creatures Caught While Fishing

The deep sea is huge, and it is believed that more than two thirds of ocean life remains undiscovered. As we continue to explore the depths of the world’s oceans, new discoveries get documented every year. From the descendants of the first sea creatures, to the product of environmental changes, here are 10 scariest creatures caught while fishing. Before we start our list, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the subscribe button below!

Basket Star

Ong Han Boon, a fisherman in Singapore, reeled in a mysterious creature, which he thought was a mutant starfish, or an alien. After catching the creature, he immediately grabbed his camera and filmed it. He mentioned “I’ve had quite a few odd things come out of the ocean but I have never seen anything like this before in my life. It had all these arms waving around!”.

Alligator Gar

When you mix an alligator and fish, you get – the alligator gar. It has become an integral part of sport fishing, despite its public perception as a “nuisance species”. On May 2009, John Paul Morris, son of Bass Pro Shops CEO, Johnny Morris, caught one of the biggest alligator gars, weighing 230 pounds, using a bow and arrow.

Colossal Squid

As the name suggests, one of the scariest creatures caught while fishing is the colossal squid, which weighs in at an estimated 990 pounds, or about 450 kilograms. While feeding on toothfish, this sea monster was caught on long lines of hooks. The fishing crew, had to maneuver the squid into their fishing boat for more than two hours.

Frilled Shark

This is one scary creature caught by a Russian fisherman, Roman Fedortsov. With a snake-like body, it lunges forward to capture its prey, and its flexible jaws can swallow other sharks, squids and fishes. It became an online hit when Fedortsov posted the his terrifying catch on Twitter.

Giant Oarfish

A fisherman in Central Vietnam caught a huge oarfish, while fishing near the coast of Thua Thien-Hue Province. Nguyen Van Anh, along with his fishing buddy, battled for an hour as they reeled the 30-kilogram fish onto the shore. This sea creature often live in deep-waters, so it’s surprising to see one roaming in the shallows.

Goliath Tigerfish

The sea lion is adorable – despite its name, many people believe that it’s the fish equivalent of dogs. The tigerfish on the other hand, is probably one of the fearsome sea creatures in the world. In fact, it’s believed to be the cousin of the South American piranha. The largest tigerfish was caught by Raymond Houtman in Africa, weighing in at 97 pounds.


This enormous colored fish don’t swim in large schools, but Armando Castillo, along with his fishing buddies caught three of them last 2014. While loading up on yellowtails and tuna, they were surprised to reel in not one, but three opahs, with the largest weighing in at 180 pounds. While seeing or catching one opah in a lifetime is rare, catching three of is definitely phenomenal.

Alien Shrimp

While fishing in Port Pierce, Florida, Steve Bargeron saw a couple who were reeling in a strange alien-like creature from the ocean. When the strange species flapped its tail wildly as it struggled to free itself from the fishing hook, he took a few photos that he can use to know what the creature was. It turned out to be a mantis shrimp, which often live in ocean floors.

The Rat Fish

You heard that right – there is what you call a “rat fish”. It has a body-form that resembles a rat, with huge bulging red eyes that can scare the hell out of anyone. Along with Roman Fedortsov’s other strangest finds in the ocean, this species made the rounds in the internet as one of the scariest creatures caught while fishing.

The Chimera

Scott Tanner thought we has in another planet when he spotted a fish with glowing green eyes in his trawler’s net. Everyone was amazed when he put up the photos of the dead fish in Facebook, but it was believed to be a chimera – one of the primitive fishes in the world. Because it lives in the deep waters, many people haven’t seen it yet.

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