10 Weird Jobs that Pay Extremely Well


Getting a job these days isn’t as easy as before – in fact, more and more people nowadays are willing to do odd jobs just to get by. While some of these jobs don’t pay much, there are others that are just as unusual as how much the salary they offer. Here are 10 Weird jobs that pay extremely well.

Dog Food Tester

Taste testing is quite a common job for those who have an amazing skill of knowing what good food tastes like. Most of them try to do taste testing jobs for human consumption, but you’ll be surprised that there are some who do taste testing for dog food. Dog food companies hire dog food testers to try out the dog foods they produce – they are the ones who also judge dog foods based on nutritional benefits, and product packaging. With this kind of job, you’ll get around $40,000 a year

Line Sitters

Don’t you hate it when you have to wait in line for hours? If you’re going to wait in line, probably because you really want to get that popular product on its launch date, hiring a line sitter is the best thing you can do. Line sitters are those who wait in line so you don’t have to – it sounds boring, but this job pays around $20 an hour, which is just like getting paid by doing nothing!

Live Mannequin

While being a line sitter can be boring at times, having a live mannequin gig is definitely going to be a challenge. This is because having this job will require you to stand still for hours, mimicking actual mannequins that often feature apparel products. Since this job isn’t for everyone, the money it offers is also quite promising, which is around $100 an hour.

Face Feeler

If you’re have a great sense of touch, you’ll do great with this kind of job. Face feelers test people who use cleansing products – they try to identify which face product suits a person’s skin perfectly. They are also called sensory scientists, given the fact that they are experts of feeling faces. Often times, these professionals get paid $25 an hour.

Paper Towel Sniffer

This is a job for those who have  a great sense of smell – paper towel sniffers get paid by sniffing paper towels before they get sold. On the other hand, it’s a job that’s quite difficult to find since there aren’t a lot of openings. If you happen to have a nose for this job and you saw a job opening for paper towel sniffers, it’ll get you a $1000 per week paycheck.

Naked Life Model

Art students often hire life models for projects – these models often sit, stand, or do whatever pose the artist wants them to have for hours. Naked life models, of course, have to bare it all during the art session. If you’re confident with your physique, and you don’t care to be naked for “artistic purposes”, getting this job will get you paid for around $50-$100 an hour.

Professional Snuggler

Hiring a professional snuggler to give you comfort might sound weird, but this actually exists in Japan. A professional snuggler gets paid a lot, which is probably because of how awkward it is to snuggle someone you don’t know. If you don’t mind getting really close with a stranger, getting paid for $60-$80 isn’t that bad.

Waterslide Tester

This is weird, but fun kind of job that you’ll probably want to have. Waterslide testers often travel to different water parks and test how fun and safe it is for people. Aside from the travel perks that go along with this job, it pays around $30,000 a year – a weird but fun job indeed!

Professional Golf Ball Finder

Have you ever wondered how golf balls are recovered in lakes and ponds of golf clubs? Well, it’s all done by a professional golf ball finder – they are experts of looking for golf balls underwater, often seen with some sort of special diving suit. Since this job needs diving expertise, it also pays quite well – around $50,000 – $100,000 a year!


This job has the fanciest name on our list – coming from a French word that literally means, a wine steward. They are trained in all aspects of wine services, which are often found in hotels and restaurants. Their most important task is to identify the wines that go perfectly with the meals offered in the place they work at. They often get a starting salary around $50,000, along with the unlimited supply of wine!

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