10 Upcoming Violent Video Games Kids Should Avoid Playing


Let’s start our list with the series that pioneered “quick time events” in video games. It was a great innovation back in the days, but the overuse of these QTEs has been one of the pet peeves of the gaming community. So, why should kids avoid playing this game? While it’s art style can be considered as “kid friendly”, the game’s mature theme, involving violence and explicit language, doesn’t make it suitable for kids to play with.
Prey is an upcoming game that might interest a lot of gamers – especially kids. The game’s environment as seen in its trailer is amazing, and its first-person shooter element is a familiar sight for younger audiences. Still, it’s not a game for kids simply because of its mature content. It looks like a great game, but kids will have to wait for a few more years to play it.
Detroit: Become Human
As a PS4 exclusive, Detroit: Become Human is a promising game that will definitely showcase what more the console can offer to gamers. With its 5-year development cycle, it definitely looks great on its gameplay trailer. On the other hand, the game somehow features language and scenes that are not appropriate for younger audiences. The game’s premise alone, isn’t something that’s going to understood by kids.
Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077 is a new game from the developer who made the Witcher series. So, what makes this inappropriate for kids? If you’ve played one of the Witcher games, you definitely know what we are talking about. If this game is coming from CD Projekt Red, you can expect a lot mature scenes, sex and nudity, along with it.
We Happy Few
We Happy Few is a survival horror game from Compulsion Games, that might not be a big hit for kids. While its colorful art style might interest a few young gamers, the theme it revolves around is meant for mature audience. The substance use in this game alone – one of its gameplay elements, is something that kids should stay away from.
Red Dead Redemption II
Gamers rejoiced when the follow-up for Red Dead Redemption was announced a few years ago. The interesting story and solid gameplay elements made the game relevant in the gaming community. The violence, sexual content, drug use, and explicit language on the other hand, makes it a bit too much for kids to be enjoyed.
Days Gone
Another PS4 exclusive in our list, Days Gone isn’t like your generic zombie games that were released a few years ago. It’s an action-packed open-world game that looks amazing to play with your friends online, but the theme suggests that it’s going to use a lot of blood and gore in its gameplay. The game also looks pretty scary that kids will have nightmares after playing it for a few hours.
God of War
God of War is a game that aged well – it bounced from one console to another, even having ports on mobile game devices. If you played God of War, you know it’s not a game for kids – it shows nudity, coupled with interesting sex scenes, and of course, violence coming from t he God of War himself.
Mass Effect Andromeda
The Mass Effect series has brought up a lot of controversies in the gaming community. While many enjoyed how Commander Shepard evolved from a simple space soldier to the savior of the galaxy, some were alarmed on how it sexualized female characters. The series also featured romance elements that made it the gameplay more interesting, but it’s not a great idea for kids to deal with.
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
From the title alone, you know it’s not a game that’s appropriate for kids. Well, the developers actually had a better title for the game, but game stores wanted to have it changed. Since South Park isn’t a TV show for kids, it’s a huge mistake to have your kids play this game. From art style to gameplay, it features a lot of explicit content that kids should avoid.

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