10 Surprising Facts About Everyday Objects


Do you know why rulers have holes in them? Do you think there’s a reason why toothbrush bristles often come in different colors? Since everyday items serve as simple tools, we often ignore these things, which interestingly, have a particular purpose. Prepare to be amazed with these 10 surprising facts about everyday objects! Before we start our list, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the subscribe button below!

Raised Lines on Keyboard Caps

Computer keyboards nowadays come in different shape and sizes. Whether it’s a membrane or a mechanical keyboard, you’ll always see raised lines on letters F and L. The reason for this is that it allows a person to type in keys without looking at the keyboard – the raised lines serve as guides, letting you know that your fingers are on its right placement.

Small Ridges Inside Tire Threads

Tire threads provide better traction especially on wet roads. After years of usage, these threads go off and the quality of traction decreases. When this happens, it raises the probably of accidents while you are on the road. The small ridges inside the tire threads let you know if you need to change your tires.

Cylinder Lumps on Data Cables

Have you ever wonder why there are cylinder lumps on your data cables? While it can be quite of a nuisance when you organize cables on your desk, it serves a purpose in preventing electromagnetic interference. This ferrite bead, or choke, acts an electromagnetic wave bouncer that prevents fuzzy lines from appearing on your monitor.

Blue Side of an Eraser

Erases often come in two sides, the red and the blue one. While most of us believe that the blue side can erase pen marks on paper, it’s actually used for heavy grades of paper. If you use this on soft ones, you’ll wipe off the entire paper!

Colored Bristles on Toothbrush

So, what’s the purpose of colored bristles on your toothbrush? Is it for aesthetic purposes, or a branding strategy? Well, there is a good reason why bristles on your toothbrush have color , and it’s for hygienic purposes. When the colors fade after years of usage, this means that you need to buy a new toothbrush!

Arrow Next to the Gas Tank Symbol

If you take some time to look at your car’s gas tank gauge, you’ll see that there’s an arrow next to the gas tank symbol. Is there a reason for it to be there? Well, yes! The arrow indicates the side of your car’s gas tank lid. With this, you don’t have to turn around when you drop by a gas station.

57 on Heinz Ketchup Bottle

The 57 on Heinz Ketchup bottle doesn’t only signify Henry Heinz’s lucky number. It’s placement, it pretty useful especially when you can’t seem to push out the contents inside. Just tap in the 57 and be amazed on how smooth the ketchup flows out of the bottle!

Secret Pocket in Women’s Panties

Women’s panties often have a small pouch in the crotch area. While most people believe, especially men, that it’s a special pocket for valuable items, it’s just a simple design flaw. According to health standards, the inner fabric of both men and women’s underwear has to be made from a special soft fabric. Since it’s impossible to attach this special fabric in women’s panties without making it a bit uncomfortable to wear, one side of the tissue is left unsown.

Tiny Hole in the Middle of Ballpoint Pens

Another mystery that we used to solve years ago is the tiny hole in the middle of ballpoint pens. Was it a manufacturer mistake, or just there for some kind of unneeded design. Surprisingly, this hole serves the purpose of keeping the ink flowing steadily out of the pen cartridge. If the hole wasn’t there, you’ll need to tap the ink out of the pen first before you can use it.

Colored Lines in Toothpaste Tubes

We used to think that the colored lines in toothpaste tubes describe the toothpaste’s ingredients – whether they are organic or chemical based. On the other hand, these colored lines are bar codes that manufacturers use for their machines. It shows if the toothpaste tubes have gone to the cutting, folding, or closing process.

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