10 Shocking Moments Caught on Twitch TV


Twitch has been one of the innovations in broadcasting video games online. Kids, casual gamers, and the hardcore ones – there are over 2 million streamers on Twitch located all around the world. With billions of minutes broadcasted online through this platform, you can expect some of the moments that were unexpectedly streamed online. Here are 10 shocking moments caught on Twitch TV.

The Virus!

An 11-year-old kid decided to play another game while broadcasting on Twitch – unfortunately, this involved his private parts. What made this even more embarrassing is when his mom came into his room and caught him doing his “thing” while watching porn. Instead of saying sorry, the kid blamed the “virus” for popping up porn websites, and slipping his pants down.

It’s a Miracle

Twitch user ZilianOP gained a lot of popularity as a gamer with “disabilities”. Thousands of dollars were donated for his “cause”, and he even asked for money for wheelchair-related expenses. However, a miracle happened as he forgot to turn off his camera, stood up, and walked around the house. People found out that he was not disabled and twitch closed his channel for fraud. This is probably one of the most popular Twitch blunders online.

It’s Legendary

LegendaryLea is a popular name on twitch – she likes to stream her games while wearing provocative outfits. One day, Twitch had to temporarily ban her for numerous complaints on one of her streams – she unexpectedly exposed her privates while wearing loose jean shorts. After 30 days, she got her channel online again, but “that” moment was never forgotten.

The Cat and Kate

SaraKate, a 23-year old Twitch streamer, was playing black-ops 2 for her followers. She decided to pet her cat after taking a break – as she moved her face towards the feline, a scratch greeted her afterwards. Blood came flowing down from her left eye – she realized it was a good idea to ask her shocked viewers what to do. After rushing to the hospital, doctors said that her eye would have been severely damaged if she wasn’t wearing her contact lenses.

The Boss

Lots of people wonder why Kneecoleslaw had a lot of followers on Twitch. She abuses her cats so much that the platform had to temporarily close her channel in multiple occasions. She explained that it was her way of showing her dominance over her cats, but many people already criticize it for animal abuse. Fortunately, her channel was eventually shutdown after streaming herself while forcing the poor cat to drink wine, and strangling it with her legs.

Have a Goodnight Sleep!

Twitch user Novapatra was once banned from the platform for flashing her viewers. On one of her streams, she was caught playing with herself while watching porn on her computer. Her facial expressions were a sight to view for most of her followers, but they didn’t expect that her channel will still continue to go live after that incident. Many resorted to the conclusion that it was staged, and a nasty way to get more followers.

Mischief Caught on Camera

Joeydaddy505 had more than 10k followers on his channel for streaming games online. While his video contents were great, his attitude as a person wasn’t. In one of his streams, he was caught beating up his girlfriend, making him one of the most hated people online. It raised awareness on violence against women in the platform – a lot of his followers wanted justice served upon him.

No Shame at All

DSPGaming is another case of “naughty caught on cam” on Twitch. After streaming games, he decided to touch himself while watching porn online. After the deed, he was completely shocked that everything was streamed online – luckily, his genitals were not shown online, making the footage “still appropriate” in Twtich’s regulations. While it has been used for memes lately, you can still catch him live on Twitch these days.

It’s On Fire!

A Japanese streamer decided to have a cigarette break after playing Minecraft. He thought it was nice to put in a little show by lighting a match by rubbing it on to a rough part of his lighter. The lighter caught fire, which he eventually dropped on the floor. The match on the other hand, was mistakenly put on to a trash bag. The whole thing escalated into a major fire incident, killing one resident in the neighborhood.

Thieves on Cam

Twitch user Sajedene was streaming Dota2 while she heard a loud noise in her room. She thought it was her cat, but two armed men came into her room and looked for stuff to loot. She was instructed to go to her bedroom while they search for valuables – the police eventually came to her rescue and had the two men restrained. The police told her that they knew exactly where to go and what to do because of the call from one of her viewers.

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