10 Shocking Moments Caught on Twitch TV – Part 3


It seems that people can’t get enough of Twitch – so do we! With thousands of videos streamed daily, there will always be something that will get a lot of attention on the web. From legendary fails, to utterly embarrassing rage quits, here are more of the shocking moments caught on Twitch TV. Before we start, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the subscribe button below!

Fire in the Neighborhood

Twtich streamer Jesikajay was streaming live on Twitch when a fire broke out just outside her house. A loud noise caught her attention, and it was coming from her neighbors telling her to run. It was the time when she noticed a huge fire at the back of her house – she went out, and continued streaming what was happening in her neighborhood.

A Huge Donation

While most Twitch streamers get a lot of attention, especially when they are streaming quality content, they also get huge donations every once in a while. Kittyplaysgames for example, got a huge donation that probably holds the record on Twitch – amounting to $7,000.

Earthquake While Streaming

Delrio, a Twitch streamer from New Zealand, was playing World of Warcraft when a 7.5 earthquake suddenly hit the country. So, what did he do? Surprisingly, he tried to keep playing the game – there’s probably nothing in this world that can stop him from progressing on Odyn in Trials of Valor.

LegendaryLea’s Blackjack Fail

Legendaylea has been featured in our channel for a few times – well, she can be a little too surprising at times. When she attended a digital festival back in 2015, she decided to play blackjack in the hopes of making easy cash. On the other hand, things didn’t go as she planned – she lost $10,000 in front of her followers.

Roxicett Gets Drunk

It’s common for streamers to do crazy stuff every now and then just to get a little bit more attention on Twitch. Unfortunately, there are some who do the worst thing possible – for Roxicett, that’s taking booze more than she could handle. This Runescape streamer decided to get drunk while streaming her gamplay, leading to her eventual ban on the platform. So, what did she do? Well, after consuming too much alcohol, she went on flashing her boobs, then pulling down her pants that exposing everything.

RIP Keyboard

Ragequits don’t happen a lot on Twitch. When it does, it’s something that will make your eyes and ears bleed. Take Archinaavata – a Twitch streamer who got so mad when he was playing Dota 2, that he broke his keyboard in half. His microphone even acted in a weird way as he screamed his lungs out. Fortunately, his mom came to calm him down, and probably told him to stop playing the game again.

Kaitwan Flashes her Friends

A great way to spend some time with your friends is to play video games while streaming online. Geneitfan, while playing H1Z1 with his friends, were surprised by one of the people they were playing with who suddenly flashed the stream accidentally. It was hilarious as the group started to comment on what was happening, but the incident caused the channel’s 30-day ban.

VJLink Gets Beaten Up

Having friends who secretly envy you is scary – if you’re not careful, you might end up like this Russian Twitch streamer, VJLink. He’s getting a lot of attention because of his streams, and his friends didn’t like it very much. One night when he was streaming, his friends (who were drunk at that time) came into his room and started beating him up. The incident went viral, giving him some more media attention, and he never saw his friends again.

Gacks Vacuums his Privates

This Ukranian Twitch streamer was streaming live on Twitch, discussing methods of penile enlargement. As the discussion went on, one of his viewers suggested that he vacuum his penis to see if it also works. Surprisingly, he took the advice without realizing the pain and possible nerve damage afterwards!

Rest in Peace

Brian Vigneault, also known as Poshybird on Twitch, is believed to be the first gamer who has died on the streaming platform. Two hours, before ending his 24-hour gaming marathon for the Make a Wish Foundation, he took a cigarette break and never came back. His viewers thought that he had already fallen asleep, but a message shocked his followers. It came from a police officer who explained that Mr. Vigneault had died.

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