10 Photos to TEST Your Personality


Personality tests have been used for quite a long time in various purposes. The Rorschach test for example, involves a series of inkblots that may reveal someone’s personality.

What do you see in this image?

If you’re seeing a bat or a butterfly, it means that you’re mind is functioning at a normal state. However, seeing moving people in this picture probably means that you have a schizophrenic tendency. Want to know more about your dominant trait? Here are 10 photos to test your personality?

What do you see in this Water Bottle?

Most kids will be able to identify the nine dolphins in this image. This is because they don’t have images of couples doing intimate activities in their primary memory. On the other hand, adults will definitely see the couple first – while this is a popular “dirty minds” test, it’s probably more useful if given to younger individuals.

What do you see in this image?

This Rorschach image identifies how an individual responds to anger. If you see two people fighting to death, it probably means that you can’t contain your anger quite well. However, seeing two people join hands means that you’re calmer in times of arguments or confrontations.

Do you see a man facing at front, or sideways?

If you see a man facing sideways, it means that you are an emotional individual – you tend to let your emotions affect you. On the other hand, seeing the man facing at front simply means that you put logic first instead of emotions.

Where is the man’s head in this picture?

Do you see the man’s head in this picture? If you were able to see it within 3 seconds, the right part of your brain, the ones responsible for critical thinking, is far more developed than an average person. Finding it within 1 minute, means that the right part of your brain works like most people who took this test. If it took longer than 1 minute, then the right part of your brain is slow – you probably suck at solving puzzles and mathematical problems.

Which stairs will you use to go up and down?

People, who read from left to right, will most likely use the left stairs to go up, and the right stairs to go down. On the other hand, people who are used to reading texts from right to left, like most people in Arab countries, will probably use the right stairs to go up, and the left to go down.

Is it a rabbit, or a duck?

This image is probably one of the oldest optical illusions used for assessing a person’s mind, dating back to 1899. It was first used by an American psychologist to identify how fast an individual’s brain works. It doesn’t really matter what you see first – if it’s a duck or a rabbit. What matters is how quickly you can change your perception of the image.

Do you see apples, a face, or a man sitting?

Being able to see the apples first means that you like social interaction – you love to be with people and they love to be with you too. If you see the man sitting first, it means that you can easily adapt to any given situation – you have a mind that deals with various situations without any problems. If you see the face first, then it means that you’re wise, being able to solve problems quite well.

What do you see in this image?

This Rorschach image obviously represents the female genitalia – if you fail to notice it, you probably have sexual problems. If you see an island in this image, it may suggest fear or being left alone or isolated from society.

Do you see a skull or a woman in the mirror?

This famous image from 1892 is considered as one of the best illusions of all time. If you first see the woman in the mirror, you’re most likely to be a romantic person, who likes to dream about the future. If you see the skull first, it means that you are strong-willed and not afraid to voice out your concerns to other people.

Now, try to clench your fist. Then, look at the images – did you do A, B, or C?

If it was A, then you are a strong-willed individual who’s a bit sensitive at times. You have a great imagination and being too nice gets you into trouble sometimes. If it was B, it means that you are an intelligent and confident person who tends to overthink situations. Lastly, clenching your fist like what you saw in C means that you are emotional and thoughtful, who’s most likely to stay at home instead of discovering new adventures outdoors.

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