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The earliest civilizations have contributed a lot to what we have these days – devices that were inspired from the simple tools that evolved into complex machines that make our lives easier. While there were inventions that proved to be quite useful in making work both effective and efficient, there were some that were utterly stupid that people never bothered to make sense out of them. Here are 10 more crazy new inventions you need to see! Before we start our list, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the subscribe button below!

Pervert Hairy Stockings

This is another invention for women, especially for those who want to get sexual predators off of them. The Pervert Hairy Stockings works just like any kind of stockings, but it features gross-looking hair that might send off perverts from checking them out. While this could be a great idea, wearing this would also make you feel awful about yourself.

Goggle Umbrella

Talk about weird and crazy inventions – the goggle umbrella isn’t exactly what you need to have proper vision when it’s raining. What exactly does it do? Well, it just allows you to still have a clear view of the path your taking while walking under heavy rain. On the other hand, a simple adjustment on a normal umbrella will also do the trick. So, why need them?

Hug Me Pillow

This invention is great for those who are feeling lonely while they sleep – it’s a pillow that has a form of half a human’s body and an arm, allowing you to lean on it while you sleep. As creepy as it may sound, it’s a real invention that’s selling online. While it may look comfortable to use, it isn’t something that will make you feel good about yourself after breaking up with your ex.

Solar Energy Lighter

This is probably one of the  most confusing inventions ever made – does it really promote environment conservation? It does make a point on using the sunlight instead of harmful substances, but its application on lighting cigarettes just makes people question its intentions. Also, you’ll need to wait for a few minutes until it sets the cigarette on fire, so it can be quite inconvenient for people who don’t have a lot of time for cigarette breaks.

The Weight Watch Belt

This invention puts a literal meaning to the phrase “watching your weight”. It may be a bit awkward to wear, since it allows anyone to know how huge your waist is, it can be quite useful for those who often lose track of their fitness goals. If you don’t mind having people look at this ridiculous belt every time you wear it, this is something you might need.

Sleeping Bag With Arms and Legs

So, you like to sleep a lot – you sleep at school, at work, or anywhere you feel comfortable to sleep at. Well, we got you covered! The sleeping bag with arms and legs is basically a remote sleeping bag that you can wear anytime, anywhere. It looks weird, like you’re wearing something for the winter days, but it will definitely let you have a good night’s sleep anywhere.

Foot Powered Bike

The bicycle was invented two centuries ago that revolutionized faster and more effective transportation. While this one used mechanical pedals and gears to achieve faster speeds with lesser force applied, the foot powered bike has to be run manually with your feet. The idea was to promote fitness in this modern civilization where everything could be automated, but it’s a step backwards when it comes to revolutionizing the two-wheeled wonder.

Shower Mic

Admit it – you definitely sang your lungs out before when you were taking a shower. Well, it’s no secret that most people love to sing in the bathroom, and thus, this invention came to life. If you want your bathroom concert more amazing, this is definitely a must!

Never Ending Bubblewrap

The bubblewrap is one of the greatest inventions ever made. While it’s often used to protect fragile items while being delivered, most of us would agree that popping bubblewraps is the best thing ever! The never ending bubblewrap on the other hand, is just – never-ending. While normal bubblewraps go off after a few days, this one just don’t die off.

Go Girl Female Urination Device

So, you’re a woman who wants to pee like men? Those who just do it whenever, wherever they want? Well, here’s a great new invention for you – the Go Girl Female Urination Device! It’s a funnel-like device that fits women’s crotches that allows them to pee while standing up. Well, we have to admit that it’s brilliant, but peeing just like men doesn’t make any women feel comfortable, especially since women are more prone to urinary tract infections and peeing anywhere just makes it worse.

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